Team Members

Angela Kolonich
Director of Professional Learning

Angela Kolonich is the Director of Professional Learning for CREATE. For two years, Angie led the Interactions teacher support for the Los Angeles Unified School District teachers who helped develop and field test the curriculum. For her Ph.D. dissertation, Angie developed case studies of how teachers responded to different aspects of the curriculum and professional learning support.


Joe Krajcik
Director, CREATE for STEM

Joe Krajcik is the director of the MSU CREATE for STEM Institute. Joe was an author of the Framework for K-12 Science and the lead writer of the physical science portion of the NGSS. Joe led the development of the Interactions curriculum. Joe is the Lappan Phillips Professor of Science Education and received the 2014 George G. Mallinson Award from the Michigan Science Teachers Association for overall excellence of contributions to science education over a significant period of time.

Dan Damelin
Concord Consortium

Dan Damelin is a content specialist at the Concord Consortium. Dan specializes in designing innovative online science simulations, allowing students anywhere the opportunity to engage in the scientific and engineering practices called for in the NGSS performance expectations.

Deborah Peek-Brown
Curriculum Developer

Deborah Peek-Brown is a curriculum developer for CREATE and an expert in project-based learning in science, science literacy, and the use of learning technologies.  Deborah began her career as a science educator in Detroit Public Schools, where she taught for twenty-eight years. She has presented at local and national education conferences including NSTA, NARST and ICLS. Deborah's strength as a veteran classroom teacher insures that teacher perspectives are reflected in all of the science curricula developed at CREATE.

Kristen Mayer
High School Chemistry Teacher

Kristen Mayer played an integral part of the development and early pilot implementation and revision of Interactions. Kristen wrote her Ph.D. dissertation on this Interactions work and now teaches chemistry in the Grand Rapids area.